Hey there! Nice to see you.

Do you ever feel like you have a massive thunderstorm inside, tranquilly captured by the tender cells of your body? Probably, most people do.
Everyone agrees to being calm till the end of the day, barely talking about your storms that you would tackle all by yourself as the night sets in.

I have spend years writing some or the other stuff, sometimes expelling my heart out, sometimes concealing everything within. So finally, I decided to blog, to reach out to anyone who might be willing to hear the whispers of a calmly fierce heart.

Being a girl with a strong mind and a fragile heart, that’s easily triggered to explode with the most unexpected things, I’m a one of a short tempered and a wild creature, running out to spreading love, while trying to fill up my own emotions. A organised lady by the day and an aggressive child by the night.

Now, popping into your mind, might be something, what is she all about, what’s she gonna pour out to us? The only answer to this right now, that I have is, My raw thoughts, so to engulf my heart with yours.

I usually have tsunamis of thoughts in my mind, and keep penning them all down most of the times, but that makes me feel as if some of my most productive thoughts go unheard completely.

So, here I am, To be what I am, and come out with emotions, pure emotions and pure thoughts and make a way through your heart with all the things that I’ll blog about. Then be it a little piece of story from my life, some kind of experience or an entirely random thing that may have hit my mind.

There is nothing more rare,

nor more beautiful, than a woman being

unapologetically herself;

comfortable in her

perfect imperfection.

To me, that is true essence of beauty.

Dr. Steve Maraboli

So, here’s an open book for you, whose Blurb might feel as if you have read the whole book, while I assure you, the chapters inside have got so much to offer you.

Exploring every thought that hits up.

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